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Jewelry Unlimited from the beginning.

Frankie Walker did not know 27 years ago that his fledgling jewelry business would become a store of his own...

When Frankie started selling gold chains out of the trunk of his car 27 years ago, he was not thinking about the long term just then next step. Today the 54 year old has a store of his own - Jewelry Unlimited Inc. But the journey from the trunk to store has not been an easy one. But then again nothing worth having ever is.

When Frankie was growing up, diamonds and gold couldn't have been further from his mind. His first job at age 15 was as a bag boy at Winn Dixie in Smithfield, where he worked for 11 years. Then one day he got his first break - a customer offered him a job as a salesman at a wholesale grocery company. At 26, Frankie was starting what he thought would be his career. He went on the road selling candy, chewing gum, cigarettes, and groceries. He sold to small mom and pop county stores and restaurants in an area about 65 miles around Smithfield. Soon, he added cleaning products to inventory. As he neared his 31st birthday, Frankie became increasingly dissatisfied with his income  - $135 a week. By then he had a family to take care of.

That's when he started taking orders for products from the stores and delivering them in his car. Then one day he was at one of his customer's stores and noticed he had a small display of gold jewelry, coins, and few rings. Frankie told the man he thought he could sell some of it. The man told him that most of the items cost him about $200 each. Frankie couldn't afford to buy any of it. So an arrangement was made with the store owner to take the jewelry on the road with him and sell it, then split the profits. He started out with a small jewelry box of items. That first week he sold all his items and it grew from there into what he has today.

To this day Frankie and his staff will serve you with the experience and pride in giving you the best deal on any item in Jewelry Unlimited. 

Jewelry Unlimited

Pinewood Square, 920 N Spence Ave
Goldsboro NC 27534